BookTrapper is Now Available in the United Kingdom (UK)

By: Mr. Wade

Students in the UK can now use BookTrapper to post used books for sale at their college or university. At, students from all the major colleges and universities have access to BookTrapper's core technology. Specifically, the student to student matching system developed first at and then duplicated for the United Kingdom gives students a functional textbook swapping marketplace on campus.

Regarding price comparison functionality - it's available in the UK, but the number of vendors is vastly lower than it is in the United States. Being a much smaller country, the UK simply doesn't have the volume, but BookTrapper strives to provide a minimal price comparison service where possible.

On the mobile app front, we currently don't offer a UK specific mobile app simply because of the small number of vendors. But students can download the official BookTrapper mobile app compare textbook prices, using mostly American vendors.

By expanding BookTrapper into the United Kingdom, we hope to help students save money by providing more options for dealing with used textbooks.