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BookTrapper helps you buy and sell used textbooks with your classmates. Just add the books you have available to sell and the ones you would like to buy, and BookTrapper will search for the most relevant matches at your school. When you add an ISBN, you'll have an option to specify a semester or quarter. So you'll enter the textbooks you have for your current classes in the 'Selling' column, and you'll enter the ones you need for next semester's classes in the 'Buying' column.

If you want to compare buyback prices online, just enter an ISBN, click 'Sell', and BookTrapper will search sites like Amazon for the highest offer. To buy, just click 'Buy', and we'll find the lowest offer. You can also click 'Rent', and we'll the lowest textbook rental price from an assortment of vendors for students on the semester or quarter system.

Colleges, universities, professors make obscene amounts of money off textbooks. It's a $14 billion dollar industry - the average college student spends about $1,200 per year on textbooks. That’s in addition to continuously rising tuition costs. can help you keep more of your money.

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At Your School

Over 9,000 colleges and universities are listed on BookTrapper, and you can browse a list of all books at each school. For each book, it tells you how many people are wishing to sell it and how many people would like to buy it. If you are logged in, just click the plus sign beside 'needed' or 'available' to add it to your dashboard.

In Your Dorm/Apartment

Enter your dorm name/apartment complex name when you select your school, and you'll be able to search for other students in your own dorm with whom you can buy, sell, and trade textbooks.

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Communicate With Your Matches

Once you've got matches, just click the message button to chat. Ask the match if he/she still has/needs the book, and suggest a public place on campus to meet and complete the transaction. Make sure to mark your book as 'Inactive' so it will disappear from the queue.

**We'll alert you by email when you have new messages.




More vendors coming soon!

Sell Your Book Online

Sometimes it's easier to just sell your book online to a big retailer, and can help you with that too. Just go to the homepage, type in an ISBN, click "Sell", and we'll connect you with the eCommerce giant willing to pay you the most money. You can even check rental prices for semesters and quarters.

Shipping is usually free (just print out a label and drop it off at UPS).

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iPhone or Android

Download BookTrapper and compare textbook prices on your mobile device. *Only price comparison functionality is available in the mobile app. You'll have to use to post textbooks for sale at your school.

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