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College students, book flippers and bargain hunters all love BookTrapper!

Whether you are a college student with a backpack full of textbooks at the end of the semester, a professional book flipper that makes a living buying and selling textbooks online, or just someone looking for a deal, we've got you covered. With all the vendors we have in our system, you are sure to find a good offer or a great deal. You've searched so many ISBNs that we've had to get a bigger database to hold all of them! The more books you search the happier we are!

College Students
Get the most money for your used books at the end of the semester or quarter. You can also search purchase prices or rental offers!
Book Flippers
Use our FREE bulk search tool and enter hundreds of ISBNs at once. In a neat list, see which can be bought at one vendor and sold to another for a profit.
Bargain Hunters
If you just want to find a good price your used books in your attic, someone is likely to buy them. We'll help you find a place to sell and make some extra money.

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The lists page

Bulk ISBN Search

What is Textbook Arbitrage?

Textbook arbitrage is buying and immediately reselling textbooks for a profit.

This is what a "book flipper is". They buy a book from one vendor, and then they turn around and sell it to another vendor for a profit.This can be very lucrative and there are lots of tutorials online about how to make hundreds or even thousands every month flipping textbooks.

Our Free Tool can Help

We created our bulk isbn search tool to help those looking to make a profit buying and selling textbooks.You can enter a list of up to 500 ISBNs at once, hit submit, and when we're done pulling all the price data, we'll email you a link to your report.Others charge for this service, but we provide it absolutely free in hope that you'll continue to use BookTrapper!

How Multiple ISBN (Bulk) Search Works

For every ISBN you submit, we'll pull all the buyback and purchase prices, compute how much you can make on each one, and display them all in a list with 'Buy' and 'Sell' buttons.We also sort them by how much you can make. So the most profitable arbitrage opportunities are at the top.This is often call 'Book Scouting' or 'Book Flipping'. We help you find the most profitable books to sell.

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Mobile App

Scan Barcodes

Download our mobile book scanner app for IOS or Android, and start searching prices. If you have physical books lying around, with our app there is no need to enter the ISBNs manually. Just tap 'Scan', and you'll have your buyback offers as soon as we finish searching!

Buybacks, Purchase, Rental Offers

Whether you are buying, purchasing or renting, you can do it all in our app. We make switching between offer types super easy! You don't have to type in the ISBN again. Just tap another button at the bottom, and the app will know what to do!

Save your Favorites

If you scan a book you want to save and sell later, just add it to your 'Favorites'. You can search buyback prices or other prices later just by tapping sell. Vendors change their offers often, so it's a good idea to check back. Offers could go up or down depending on demand.

Books with high re-sale value

Books sell for more money if they are in high demand. Book buyback companies can make more money off these books, so they pay you more. High end textbooks, law books, science, and engineering books are going to sell for the most money. These are some of the higher value titles that have been searched on BookTrapper.

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

ISBN: 9780134570051

Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases: 2-Volume Set

ISBN: 9780323482554

Steel Construction Manual

ISBN: 9781564240071

Miller's Anesthesia, 2-Volume Set

ISBN: 9780323596046

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