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Its easy - just scan a barcode and find the highest offer from a reputable online company. They will ship your books for free. You don't have to worry about copying long ISBN numbers, just point your camera at the barcode, and that's it!

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Need to Rent? Or Even Buy?

You can also search for the lowest rental or purchase price. If you are in a bookstore, just scan the barcodes of books you need, and we'll check if there is a lower price online. You can also enter ISBNs manually if you don't have access to a barcode. Sometimes it's cheaper to rent books instead of buying them outright, but don't worry - we've got you covered!

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BookTrapper mobile is available for iPhone or Android! Download today and sell those old books you have lying around the house!

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Online Book Buyback Companies

Booktrapper pulls prices data from an assortment or online book companies, and we are always working to add as many new ones as possible. Our goal is always the same - help you save money when selling, buying, or renting books online.