Facebook Textbook Exchange - Use BookTrapper Instead

By: Mr. Wade

For every university you'll find a Facebook textbook exchange group, but there's a better option. BookTrapper is designed for this very purpose, and it works so much better than a Facebook group for selling textbooks on campus.

The problem with using Facebook groups for selling textbooks is that there will be thousands of members, and everyone posts books they want to sell and those that they need on the main feed. It's easy to see how convoluted that can become - it's just not designed for this purpose. BookTrapper takes this process and makes it work. 

Post ISBNs You Need/Want to Buy

With BookTrapper, you'll select your school and your dorm/apartment complex (optional), and then you'll have a "needed" column and a "selling" column. You'll add the books you want to sell to the "selling" column and those you would like to buy to the "buying" column. BookTrapper will then search for matches at your school sort them by the most books you have in common between your "selling" and "buying" columns. 

Message Your Matches

Your matches will appear in the "matches" column, and you can communicate with them through BookTrapper's built-in messaging system right from your dashboard. Arrange a place to meet on campus, in your dorm, or at your apartment complex, and exchange textbooks. BookTrapper's technology is designed to take something that people are using Facebook groups for and making it one hundred times better.

And We'll Help you Sell Your Textbooks Online

If for some reason you can't find a match at your school or don't want to sell in person, you can still use BookTrapper. Just enter your ISBN into the search box on the homepage, and we'll search a variety of online vendors for the best buyback price.