Law Students: Use BookTrapper to Sell those Expensive Textbooks with Each Other

By: Mr. Wade

If you are thinking about going to law school, you already know how expensive it can be. Many new lawyers start their first job with over one hundred thousand dollars in student load debt. If they go to a private college such as Emory University, they will have even more. One expense that often gets overlooked is the cost of textbooks for law school. Per semester, it can top one thousand dollars. They are huge, thick books that contain lots of cases; students are expected to read them and be able to discuss individual cases in class. Law professors often call on random students throughout a typical class period - if that student didn't read, the professor will make it horribly embarrassing for him/her.

I'm sure law students already do this to some extent, but they should be selling and buying textbooks from each other. Class schedules in law school are normally set on a fixed schedule. Each class stays together as they progress through each year, so second years should be selling to first years, and third years should be selling to second years. Obviously some students will have to fork out the full price for their books, but they can often get them used at the campus bookstore or online. They are big, think hardcover type books, and they last a long time. Professors don't often update them because the cases that happened in the past never change. The only reason for them to be updated is to include new cases that were decided since their publication date.

It should be easy to get used law school books, and this site can help. Just login with Facebook, post up the law books you need next semester and those you are selling, and we'll take care of the rest. Don't forget to share on Facebook because for this to work, lots of students at your school have to be using it.