Post Textbooks for Sale at Your Dorm or Apartment

By: Mr. Wade just added a new feature - students can now search their dorm or apartment complex for classmates to buy and sell textbooks with. In your dashboard, you'll see a button right by the semester select button. It will have a magnifying glass and the name of your dorm/apartment (which you entered earlier). Click this button and it will immediately filter the current results set to your dorm or apartment complex.

Search Your Dorm

To make this feature work in your account, just go to "Settings -> Update School". You now have a field titled "Residence". Enter the name of your dorm or apartment complex. For example, the University of Georgia has a dorm named "Creswell Hall". In this case entering "Creswell" is sufficient. Try to be direct and use a few words as possible here because it searches by the words you enter. If you're too descriptive here, you may not get many results.

By selling directly to other students in your dorm, you can just meet up in the lobby, and it's a pretty safe environment. Only students are allowed in dorms, so you'll be pretty safe meeting pretty much anyone to sell/buy a book as long as you are past the check-in point.

It going to be great for students to be able to post textbooks for sale in their own dorms, and I think the campus bookstore will really hate it, which will be awesome!

Search Your Apartment Complex

This also works for an apartment complex - basically anywhere with a widely known name where a lot of students live is going to work. For example, if you live in an apartment complex named "Lakeside", just enter "Lakeside" into the residence box. You can now narrow your matches to only include those who also live at Lakeside.

Existing Filters Still Work!

This featurs works right alongside the semester or quarter filter. For example, if you are looking to sell books for a certain semester, within that filter just click the magnifying glass button, and our system will apply the residence filter on top of the semester filter. Our goal is to help you sell the most textbooks to your classmates and get a better price than you would in the campus bookstore or online. College is expensive enough; we know you want to save money where you can!

Let Us Know...

We'd love to know how the residence filter is working; feel free to visit the Contact page, and let us know how we're doing! We value your feedback.