Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How will I ship my books?

    Most book buyback companies provide a printable, prepaid shipping label. Tape it onto your package and drop it off at the nearest shipping location.

  2. When will I get paid?

    You'll get paid through whatever channel you select (Paypal/personal check) after the company receives and processes your books. This often takes a few days after they arrive at the company location or warehouse.

  3. Is there a minimum buyback amount or book count?

    Some companies have a minimum buyback amount you must meet in order to get free shipping. Read the fine print after you have loaded all the books you are going to sell into your cart. If you are only selling one book for let's say fourteen dollars, it may not be economically profitable for the company to buy your book and ship it for free. All of these companies resell what they buy from you, so they like it when you sell lots of books.

  4. Do all buyback companies offer cash?

    Most will pay you in cash for your used books through Paypal or check. However, Amazon currently offers giftcards that can be used on instead of cash. If you need cash, select another vendor, but most people buy plenty of things on Amazon.

  5. What if my books are damaged?

    Most companies will ask for the condition of your books, and their buyback offers assume your books are in resellable condition. If they receive books in poor condition, they may adjust your payout accordingly.


  1. Should I buy online or at the campus bookstore?

    As a general rule of thumb, one should avoid the campus bookstore. However, if you get there before everyone else does at the beginning of the semester, you can find some pretty good deals on used books. Otherwise, it's almost always cheaper to buy online.

  2. Should I rent or buy?

    Renting can be cheaper sometimes, but it all depends on the book. Prices can vary considerably, and buying a used copy can sometimes be about the same as renting one.

  3. What happens if I damage a rented book?

    When you send it back, the company that rented it to you will decide if the damage is repairable or if the book needs to be replaced. You'll have to pay for the damage, but this does not include normal wear and tear.