Sell Textbooks to Other Students at Clemson University

By: Mr. Wade

You can get more money for your used textbooks at the end of the semester by selling to classmates at Clemson instead of the campus bookstore. This site allows you to enter the books you would like to sell and the books you need - it will match you with other students at Clemson with whom you can do the most trading/selling/buying. You will have to select your school when you sign up, so we'll know what pool of students to match you with. 

We built this site to give students a marketplace for their used textbooks that's not controlled by large companies, and we know that by cutting out the middle man students will save more money. Initially we thought about matching students by class schedule, but we think that's superfluous information - if you have a book for a specific class, that's all the information we need. 

Give BookTrapper a try at Clemson, share it with your friends, and hopefully we can create a way for students to put more of their money toward more important things besides exorbitantly expensive textbooks.