Waycross College Students(SGSC) - Sell Textbooks to Classmates

By: Mr. Wade

If you are a student at Waycross College (South Georgia State College at Waycross), you've probably struggled with the high price of textbooks at the start of each semester. After finals, you're often disappointed at the low buyback rate the campus bookstore offers. If you're lucky, you know other students who need your book. This site was designed to connect you to your classmates who need the books you don't need anymore. And you can usually get a much better price. You can log in to BookTrapper.com with Facebook, select your school (Waycross College) in this case, and enter the ISBNs of the books you have available to sell and those you would like to purchase next semester. Once other students have done the same, matches will start appearing in your dashboard.

All campus bookstores exist to make money - just like any other business. Give BookTrapper.com a try, and hopefully we can help you save a little more money during your college career. If you're planning on transfering, you can switch your school at any time from account settings.