Download BookTrapper for IOS and Android - Scan Barcodes and Compare Book Prices

By: Mr. Wade

You can now download BookTrapper for your IOS or Android phone. Using the app, select sell, buy, or rent and scan a barcode - prices will appear in the list below. Or you can enter a ten or thirteen digit ISBN number into the search field.




All the functionality currently available on is not yet built into our IOS and Android apps. The apps only do price comparisons for sell/buyback, purchase, and rent. You cannot post books for sale at your school, communicate with your matches, or access your dashboard through the mobile apps. We hope to build these features into our mobile app products soon.


We built our mobile apps with Angular2 and Ionic. These modern technologies allow developers to build mobile apps with Javascript and HTML. They are referred to as "Hybrid Apps" because they are created using both native and non-native languages.