Merchant Spotlight: ValoreBooks - Top Buyback Company

By: Mr. Wade

Founded in in 2005, this company has undergone some transformation in the years since. It is now owned by Follett (parent company), which is a huge company that operates bookstores on many college campuses throughout the country. is basically Follett's online portal where they buy back used books and then use that inventory to resupply their chains of campus bookstores. Follett operates the bookstore at the University of Georgia (fyi).


Because of their network, its probably going to be pretty easy to sell your book to ValoreBooks - they have lots of ways to sell and if a title is in demand, they will most likely be giving you an offer. Obviously, high priced textbooks command a premium.

Buyback Offer Rating

ValoreBooks doesn't often pay the highest price from my experience. With their extensive network, they often have access to inventory other don't, and therefore don't have the incentive to pay top dollar for some books. But that's not to say they don't have the top offer for any given ISBN search - it all depends on the book. That's why sites like BookTrapper exist - to help you sort through buyback offers.


Unless you've been living under a rock/not in school for a while, renting textbooks has become the next big thing. And it makes sense - the company can just loan you a book, and then you can give it back, and nobody has to worry about all these pesky buyback prices. ValoreBooks will be happy to rent any book you might need for your semester off at college - just make sure to carry an umbrella or expect to pay damages if your book gets wet in your backpack.

Review Links

Head on over to SIteJabber to check reviews for ValoreBooks - I'll go ahead and tell you that it's rated well!

Try it Out

Do you want to see what ValoreBooks is willing to pay for your used book? Hop on over to our homepage, enter an ISBN, and see what they are offering!