Find Classmates Who Need Your Textbooks at College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA - Brunswick)

By: Mr. Wade

This is a really small school, located in Brunswick Georgia. It's right by the ocean, so if you love the beach, it's a great place to go to school. Did I mention it's small? Often it's not practical or financially feasible to move and go to a larger school, and Coastal College of Georgia is fully accredited. You'll get a real good education here just like you would at a large university.

Textbooks can be super expensive here just like at all colleges, and students can use BookTrapper (this site) to find other students who need their used books at the end of the semester. It's always more profitable to sell directly to other students instead of going through the campus bookstore - you're cutting out the middle man. Campus bookstores have a long history of exploiting students for profit, so the more ways you have to get around them the better.

Students at CCGA also benefit from purchasing, renting, or selling books online, and there are a huge number of companies engaged in this business. These companies are always in constant competition with each other, and based on supply and demand, one may have significantly better deals than another. Use BookTrapper to compare book rental prices, so you don't pay too much. You can also use our handy tool to figure out whether it's better to rent or buy!