Multiple (Bulk) ISBN Search & Arbitrage Tool

Enter up to 500 ISBNs into the textbox (one-per-line). These searches can take up to 30 minutes - enter your email and we'll send you a link to your report.

How it works:

  • Textbook Arbitrage: You can make money buying and selling textbooks. Purchase from one vendor and sell to another. But you have to find books where this descrepency in price exists. Use this tool to search for those opportunities.
  • Bulk search buyback offers: Use this tool to get all the top buyback offers for up to 500 ISBNs at once.
  • Search competitor pricing: Textbook companies can use this tool to search market prices which can help them set their own buyback offers.
  • If you are having any issues - please contact us.

Feature Highlights

how to enter multipe isbns

Bulk ISBN Search

Find Textbook Arbitrage Opportunities

We'll crunch all the numbers for ISBNs you submit and find the ones you can buy and then resell for a profit. And we'll sort them based on how much money you can make on each one. We want to make book flipping easier, and this free tool can help!

Bulk Buyback Offers

Maybe you just have a bunch of ISBNs and want to quickly find the best place to sell all of them. No problem! We will search all the offers and display the best one by each ISBN.

Multiple ISBN Price Lookup

If you need to purchase a lot of books, we can help you find the lowest price. Just enter them in, one per line, and we'll search the companies that sell that book and find you the best deal.

multiple isbn buyback search


How should I enter them?

ISBNs must be entered one per line as shown at right (image hidden on mobile). We use line breaks to distinguish one ISBN from another. So each one must be on its own line with no commas.

How long does it take?

Up to 30 minutes.

It takes time to search 500 ISBNs, so we'll email you when your search is done. You'll get a link to view your report. On that report, you'll have buttons for buyback, purchase, and arbitrage.

Does it always work?

Not all books are in demand or available for purchase. If a book is not available, we'll display a 'Not currently purchasing message'. Some offers can be very low; it just depends on the book.

What if I don't get an email?

If you never get an email about your report, try again and make sure you posted it in the correct format - 1 ISBN per line. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact us us, and we'll see what the problem is.