How do You Sell Your Textbooks on Amazon?

By: Mr. Wade

To sell your books on Amazon, follow the steps below.

  1. Register for an Amazon seller account. When you sign up, make sure to register as an individual instead of a commercial seller. The individual account type charges small fees per listing, while the commercial account type charges a monthly fee plus additional fees per listing. The personal account limits you to forty items per month, and you probably won't go over that unless you plan on making this your business. In that case you'll need to bump up your account type.
  2. Visit Amazon's 'Sell Your Stuff' page. Here you will be able to enter information about the item and create a listing. Make sure to be as truthful as possible about your listing, especially with the 'condition'. The last thing you want is an angry customer who wants to return the book. It's a good idea to browse Amazon for the specific ISBN that you are selling to get a ballpark on price. Unfortunately you don't have much choice here - set the price above market value and customers will buy from other sellers. The idea is to get about what others are selling the same book for.
  3. Once your listing is live, all you can do is wait and see if it sells in the marketplace. If it does not sell, consider Amazon's buyback program or search for an buyback offer from multiple vendors here. Buyback programs do not pay market value for your textbooks, but they will give you cash in your hand if you are unable to sell to an individual customer on Amazon's marketplace.
  4. Assuming your book sells, print out a shipping label and packing slip, put everything in a sturdy box, and head over to UPS.