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Compare Book Rental Prices

Enter an ISBN, and we’ll find the lowest rental price – compare offers from top companies. Semester and quarter rates are usually available. Sometimes it’s cheaper to rent your books for the semester – just try not to destroy them.

Should I Rent or Buy my Books?

Sometimes it’s significantly cheaper to buy and then sell as opposed to renting. Enter an ISBN, click ‘Rent vs. Buy?’, and we’ll estimate whether it’s cheaper to rent a book or buy it outright and then sell it at the end of the semester. But keep in mind that all prices are current. In five months when the semester is over, buyback offers can change. If you are more comfortable with spending a set amount and/or ‘Total Spend’ is about the same, go with renting.

*Buyback prices change constantly; therefore, this is only an estimate. You may get less or more for your book when you sell it at the end of the semester.